Answers to all your questions about the OWLIA range of lights.
Your most frequently asked questions about installing LED spotlights, our Plug & Play system, and all possibilities available with products from the OWLIA range.
What is the advantage of 12V vs. 220V lighting?

The advantage of Extra Low Voltage (12 Volt) is that you can safely install it yourself.

There’s no danger of electrocution. The wires don’t need to be buried 50 cm beneath the ground, unlike the 220-volt system.

Finally, low-voltage LED spotlights use far less energy and last much longer.

My lighting circuit won’t turn on. What should I do ?

Please check the following :

  • Check the direction the connectors are connected (there’s an indicator in the plug).
  • Check the maximum number of spotlights allowed per circuit (in the specifications)
  • Test each spotlight individually

If your lights are still not working, contact us at [email protected]

What’s the difference between the Warm White spotlights and the RGB spotlights ?

The Warm White spotlights are connected with cables that have just 2 wires. The RGB (colour) spotlights have 4 wires. The connections, extensions, remote/dimmer are all different. It’s important to choose the right type of lighting from the start, as it’s not possible to combine both types of spotlights.

What is the maximum number of spotlights that can be used on one circuit ?

There are 2 rules that must be followed :

1 – Make sure that the total wattage of all the spotlights is less than the wattage of the transformer (30W).

2 – Also, the circuit must not be more than 40 m long. Even if the wattage is correct, the charge loss over a greater distance will cause the lights at the end of the circuit to be less bright.

How can I control multiple circuits using just one remote ?

Each circuit connected to a transformer must be equipped with a remote/dimmer.

Please see the instructions for the remote control for RGB colour spotlights/dimmer for WW spotlights in order to synchronise them. Once you have done this, you can control all your circuits with a single remote control.

What spotlight height can be used for my wooden deck ?

The height of each of our spotlights is specified in its technical specifications.

In general, a wooden deck needs to have a minimum height of 6 to 7 cm to install lighting. All our spotlights are designed to be installed with a minimum height of 6 cm. The height must be less than the thickness of the boards + the height of the joists and their wedges.

Can I add additional lights later ?

Yes, as long as you make sure to stay within the maximum number of spotlights per circuit.

What does the product’s IP code mean ?

The IP (International Protection) code is a 2-digit rating system.

The first digit (from 1 to 6) indicates the level of protection against contact and penetration by solid particles. The second digit (from 1 to 8) indicates the level of protection against water penetration.

IP 67: complete protection against dust. Protection against temporary immersion in water up to 1 m.

IP 68: protection against prolonged immersion in water (swimming pools, outdoors, bathrooms, etc.)

How do the spotlights work ?

Our OWLIA Lights spotlights use the latest SMD and COB LED technology, which offers the best performance on the market.

Using just 1W of energy, the intensity of the lights can reach up to 100 lumens. This light flow is more than just a simple circle of light. It can be adjusted with a dimmer switch to create a very cosy atmosphere.

Can spotlights be added to your kits ?

Depending on the model and its voltage, it is possible to add spotlights to our 10-spotlight kits. Make sure you comply with the maximum number of spotlights allowed per circuit, found in the specifications for each model.

I have a very large deck, so I need to install 30 spotlights. What should I do?

Due to the limitation on the number of spotlights per circuit for each model, you won’t be able to do this on just one circuit. You’ll need to use two or three circuits, with 2 or 3 transformers. However, you will be able to control the entire system with the same remote. Each circuit must be equipped with a remote/dimmer.

How can I change the length of the kit cables, for example by increasing the distance between the transformer and the first spotlight?

Our 2 m or 5 m extensions can be used to adapt our kits to your needs. This means that you can add a cable between the transformer and the first spotlight or move a spotlight away from the circuit to get past an obstacle. Just make sure that the maximum length of the circuit’s cable does not exceed 30 m.

Can the spotlights be installed around a swimming pool?

Our OWLIA Lights spotlights have an IP67 protection rating. This means that they are completely dustproof. They are protected against temporary immersion for 30 minutes up to a depth of 1 metre. This means they are therefore perfectly suited for pool surrounds and are splash-proof.

Can the RGB colour spotlights be used for white light ?

Our RGB colour spotlights feature a very wide range of colours, including white light. Their white is a cool white, which is around 6000 Kelvin.

(Warm light has a colour temperature of below 3,300 Kelvin)

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